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While AACO Home takes on projects from $99 to $200,000 everyday, we understand that everyone cannot afford the help they need, so we listened to our customers and created a plan which we believe works for everyone.  In the near future we will be launching the AACO Home Handyman Plan, it's a cancel anytime plan that offers local AACO Residents the help they need, affordably. 1,2,4,8 hour plans starting at $49 per month for 1-hour of handyman labor which is over 40% off the regular hourly rate!  The plan includes interior/exterior labor for anything around your house like, drywall repair, painting, light switch not working, faucet drips, toilet running, door squeaking, door adjustments, weather stripping, trim/molding repair, light installation, etc...  Not sure if your task is included? 
When you are a member of this plan, if your project takes more than the 1,2,4,8 hours associated with your plan, we will give you 20% off the project price.  We are trying our best to help Anne Arundel County residents, we hope you see the value in this plan.  Didnt use your alloted time in any month?  You get 50% rollover to the following month... 
1 Hour/Monthly : $49
2 Hour/Monthly: $89
4 Hour/Monthly: $159
8 Hour/Monthly: $299
Disclaimer:  The Handyman Plan was created to help home owners & renters with realivley simple fixes at an affordable rate. We have a list of questions below which will help you clarify what is and isnt included... 
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Handyman Plan Service Questions:

Do you include plumbing?

Yes. We include basic plumbing like broke/dripping fuacet, toilet running, shower head replacement, hose bib leak, etc...  (Major plumbing like installation or replacement of toilets, sinks, tubs, showers are on a base by base basis.)

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Who Is AACO Home?
The Anne Arundel Home Services Company is a local Anne Arundel Home Improvement Company which services every need inside and outside of your home.
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How Long Have You Been In Business?
What Areas Does AACO Home Service?
Can I Cancel my Agreement?
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How much do estimates cost?
What payment methods do you accept?
Do You Offer A Warranty?
Do You Provide A Warranty On Materials Purchased ?
Do You Have Architects, Interior Designers, And Other Specialists On Staff?