AACO Terms & Conditions

General Terms & Conditions (The Anne Arundel Home Services Company, AKA: AACO Home)

  1. EXTRA WORK During progress of construction, Owner may order extra work. Such extra work shall be specified in a written change order signed by the Owner and Contractor and shall be paid a 1/3rd deposit and full balance immediately upon completion of said extra work unless otherwise agreed to by the parties.
  2. INSECT AND MOISTURE DAMAGE Contractor shall not be obligated to perform any work to correct damage caused by termites or other insects, moisture, mold, dry rot or decay and any work to be performed to correct such damage shall be covered by a change order. If any pretreatment for termites or other insects is required, it will be at Owner's expense.
  3. MATCHING MATERIALS AND SUBSTITUTION OF MATERIALS Contractor calls attention to the Owner to the limitations of matching building materials (included by not limited to plaster, drywall, stucco, concrete, masonry, siding, and roofing materials). While the Contractor shall make every effort to match new and existing materials, texture, colors, stains, finishes, and planes, exact duplication is not promised. Contractor shall have the right to substitute materials of similar quality, pattern, and design if unable to obtain the exact matching materials.
  4. ELECTRICAL SERVICE Unless specifically included, electrical work contemplates no change to existing service panel other than the addition of circuit breakers or fuse blocks to distribute electric current to new outlets. Cost incurred in changing point of service, main switch, or meter that may be required by inspector or serving utility shall be paid to the Contractor by the Owner the same as any other extra. Changes to existing wiring in areas undisturbed by alterations are not included.
  5. SUBSOIL CONDITIONS Contractor does not assume any risk to subsoil conditions of the property and if any subsoil conditions which affect the work to be performed are encountered they will be dealt with at the Owner's expense pursuant to a change order. If any testing or an engineered footing is required, it will be at Owner's expense.
  6. PROPERTY LINES The Owner is solely responsible for the location of all lot lines and shall, if requested, identify all corner posts of his lot for the Contractor. If any doubt exists as to the location of lot lines, the Owner shall at his own cost, order and pay for a survey. If the Owner wrongly identifies the location of the lot lines of the property, any changes required by the Contractor shall be at the Owner's expense. This cost shall be paid by Owner to Contractor in cash prior to continuation of work.
  7. CONDUITS, PIPES, AND DUCTS Unless specifically indicated, agreed price does not include re-routing of vents, pipes, ducts, or wiring conduits that may be discovered in removal of walls or cutting of openings in walls, floors, or ceilings.
  8. ACCESS TO WORK Owner shall grant free access to work areas for workmen and vehicles, and shall allow areas for storage of materials and rubbish. Owner shall also provide utility services required by the Contractor at Owner's cost. Owner agrees to keep driveways clear and available for movement and parking of trucks during normal work hours. Contractors and workmen shall not be expected to keep gates closed for animals and children. Contractor shall protect adequately the property and adjacent property subject to this contract but shall not be held responsible for damage to driveways, walks, lawns, trees, and shrubs by movement of trucks unless due to Contractor's gross negligence.
  9. REQUIREMENTS OF PUBLIC BODIES Any changes, alterations, or extras from the drawings or specifications which may be required by any public body, utility, or inspector shall constitute an extra and shall be paid for the same as any other extra.
  10. MATERIALS REMOVED-RUBBISH All materials removed from structure in course of alterations shall be disposed of by Contractor except for Hazardous Materials as described in paragraph 27 and those items designated by Owner prior to commencement or during construction. All construction rubbish to be removed by Contractor at termination of work and premises left neat and in a broom-clean condition.
  11. INSURANCE Contractor possesses insurance above the state minimum but requires home owners to possess insurance for the home for insurance which is not covered by the contractors insurance.
  12. TOILET FACILITIES Owner agrees to make toilet facilities available to all workmen.
  13. PERMITS AND RESTRICTIONS Owner shall obtain and pay for all permits required by Government bodies unless otherwise specified. Contractor offers this fully inclusive service for an additional fee. Contractor shall comply with all requirements of such permits. Owner shall secure and pay for easements or other necessary property interest for permanent structures or permanent changes in existing facilities. The Owner further covenants that there are no restrictions, easements of covenants restricting or requiring consent to the work to be performed. Contractor shall not be responsible for obtaining any variances should such variances by required to obtain a building permit.
  14.  CANCELLATION OF AGREEMENT In the event of cancellation of this agreement by the Owner, the Contractor will not refund any deposits as the deposit is taken to solidify a position within the contractors schedule, the contractor has the right to provide funds back upon their own discretion or can offer refund in labor if they decide. The Contractor may cancel this agreement because of material shortages or errors in computing the contract sum within ten (10) days of starting a project as long as: (i) no work has commenced; and (ii) all amounts paid to the Contractor are refunded to the Owner excluding any money spent like permitting, design, surveys or any special orders which then proof of expense via receipt will be provided. In the event that agreement is signed, up to 1/3rd deposit is made and and permitting is denied, costs for the design, review, permit office visit and total process are still due in full. Price to be found in scope of work.

14A. MHIC “Door To Door Sales Act” You, the buyer, may cancel this transaction at any time prior to midnight of the fifth business day or tenth business day if the buyer is at least 65 years old, after the date of this transaction free of charge. See the attached notice of cancellation for an explanation of this right.".

  1. UNDERGROUND PIPES Contractor shall not be held responsible for damage to, or removing of pipes, sprinkler lines, water or sewage disposal systems or conduits in areas of excavating, grading, paving, or construction.
  2. DAMAGE TO PROPERTY Contractor shall not be held responsible for damage caused by Owner or Owner's employees, Act of God, soil slippage, earthquake, fire, riot, or civil commotion or acts of public enemy.
  3. EXTRA TIME Contractor agrees to diligently pursue work through to completion, but shall not be responsible for delays for any of the following reasons: failure of owner to sign off on the selections in a timely fashion, acts of neglect or omissions of Owner or Owner's employees or Owner's agent, acts of God, stormy or inclement weather, strikes, lockouts, boycotts or other labor union activities, extra work requested by Owner, acts of public enemy, riots or civil commotion, inability to secure materials through regular recognized channels, imposition of government priority or allocation of materials, failure of Owner to make payments when due, or delays caused by inspections, or changes ordered by inspectors of governmental bodies concerned.
  4. LICENSING Contractor is fully insured, bonded & licensed with the Maryland Home Improvement Commission MHIC#116948 )Licensee: Jeff Tucker and can be confirmed by visiting their website here: https://www.dllr.state.md.us/cgi-bin/ElectronicLicensing/OP_Search/OP_search.cgi?calling_app=HIC::HIC_registration_num and searching our license number. You can also call them at (410) 230-6309.
  5. LIENS AND ASSESSMENTS Unless specifically included in this agreement Contractor shall not be held responsible for any bonds, liens, or assessments on existing real estate, nor sewer or utility assessments not yet a lien on said property.
  6. PROTECTION OF OWNER'S PROPERTY Owner agrees to remove or protect any personal property, inside and out which cannot be protected adequately by Contractor and Contractor shall not be held responsible for damage to or loss of said items.
  7. WORK STOPPAGE Should the work be stopped by public authority for a period of 10 days or more, though no fault of the Contractor, or should the work be stopped through the act of the Owner for a period of 10 days, or should the Owner fail to pay the Contractor any payment per the above payment schedule, then the Contractor upon seven days written notice to the Owner, may stop work or terminate the contract and recover from the Owner payment for all work executed and any loss sustained and reasonable profit and damages (not less than 20% of contract sum).
  8. CONTRACT The Owner shall not sign a blank contract and is entitled to a copy at the time he signs it.
  9. MARKETING The Contractor is authorized to display a yard sign. The Contractor is authorized to photograph and video the work, and to publish the documentation (included but not limited to newspaper, magazine, and the internet). The Contractor will use the last name of Owner in association with all marketing.
  10. WARRANTY Shall be provided based on a per job basis and must be noted in the scope of work for there to be a valid warranty which will begin upon completion of the project.
  11. WORK BY OTHERS Anything herein notwithstanding, Contractor shall not be responsible for work performed by contractors or individuals neither contracted nor employed by it.
  12. DEFAULT Owner agrees that upon signing this contract, either before or after acceptance by Contractor, to be bound thereby and in event of a breach of this contract by said Owner, Contractor shall be entitled to full compensation for work performed, loss of profits, and in event of a legal dispute, all costs and reasonable attorney's fees. In no event shall Contractor's recovery be less than 20% of the contract sum.
  13. HAZARDOUS MATERIALS Unless herein specifically provided for, the Contractor shall not be responsible for removal and for disposal of any "Hazardous Materials" as defined by any Federal, State or Local law, regulation, or ordinance, including without limitation, lead base paint, mold, asbestos and asbestos containing material, and if such "Hazardous Materials" are encountered in the course of the Contractor's work, then Owner shall pay any and all additional costs to remove and/or dispose of such "Hazardous Materials" in accordance with such Federal, State, and Local laws, regulations, and ordinances. OWNER HERBY WAIVES AND RELEASES CONTRACTOR FROM ALL LIABILITY FOR ANY DAMAGES, BOTH TO PERSON AND PROPERTY, SUFFERED BY OWNER AS A RESULT OF CONTRACTOR’S REMOVAL OF HAZARDOUS WASTE INCLUDING LEAD BASED PAINT. OWNER AGREES TO INDEMNIFY AND HOLD CONTRACTOR HARMLESS FOR ANY DAMAGES SUFFERED BY CONTRACTOR AS A RESULT OF OWNER OR ANY THIRD PARTY MAKING A CLAIM FOR DAMAGES AGAINST CONTRACTOR IN CONNECTION WITH CONTRACTOR’S REMOVAL OF HAZARDOUS WASTE INCLUDING LEAD BASED PAINT. SHOULD A LEGAL ACTION BE FILED AGAINST CONTRACTOR FOR SUCH A CLAIM, OWNER SHALL INDEMNIFY CONTRACTOR FOR ALL DAMAGES AND COST SUFFERED BY CONTRACTOR INCLUDING REASONABLE ATTORNEY’S FEES.
  14. MARYLAND CONTRACTOR GUARANTY RECOVERY FUND The Maryland Home Improvement Commission administers a Guaranty Fund, which exists to reimburse homeowners for the actual loss caused by a licensed contractor who performed a home improvement job in an unworkmanlike, incorrect, or incomplete manner, or who abandoned a home improvement job. The Fund is supported by licensed contractors, who pay a Guaranty Fund assessment when they obtain their home improvement license and each time they renew the license. For more information about the fund, including a downloadable claim form go to: https://www.dllr.state.md.us/license/mhic/mhicfaqgf.shtml or you may contact the Fund Office at: the Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation, 500 N Calvert St #306, Baltimore, MD 21202, Phone: (410) 230-6309.

      29. ARBITRATION Arbitration. All claims and disputes arising under or relating to this Agreement are to be settled by the Maryland Home Improvement Commission.


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